Ways to Tap

Gather customer experience data via Tap's flexible form factors.

Tap's native iOS and Android app

Tap’s native app for iOS and Android allows consumers to provide feedback to brands — and for brands to respond in real time.

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Add Tap to your app

Add our simple embeddable HTML to your app, so your users can tap directly on your business’s specific functions. Get real-time feedback on-the-go, from the people who use your products the most.

Add Tap to your mobile or desktop website

Add our simple embeddable HTML to your website, and allow your users to engage and leave feedback without ever leaving your site. Save your users the work of signing up to a service, or navigating elsewhere to leave feedback.

Tap kiosks for retail and events

Set up a Tap Station wherever you do business. Allow customers to give live feedback. This is a powerful solution for events, retail and more.

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