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In the age of the customer, a real-time CX capability is competitive advantage.
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Improving customer experience in real time is critical to customer perception and your bottom line. But it’s a struggle to sift through the mountain of customer feedback to understand what improvements are going to move your business forward.

Introducing Tap

Tap, powered by Forrester, enables consumers to share in-the-moment feedback. Through an intuitive interface, customers can provide concise feedback on their experience with your brand or physical location. Customers with similar feedback create “Mobs,” which signal common issues or moments of celebration for your brand.

Tap is not simply another channel for customers to provide feedback; it’s a powerful insights tool to prioritize and operationalize your CX improvements.

Triage Important Feedback

Not all customer feedback is created equal. Tap filters incoming feedback through Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) prioritization framework so that you may identify and prioritize the actions that will have the biggest impact on your business.

Empower Your Frontline

Tap enables you to parse feedback by location/store/branch, enabling frontline managers to make operational decisions and improvements in real time.

Connect with Customers

Connect with your customers and advocates. Close the loop by responding to Mobs, which shows that you’re both listening to the wisdom of the crowd and actively improving your customers’ experiences.

Easy to Integrate

Tap is easy to integrate with an existing website or app without any complicated APIs; the HTML version allows you to collect targeted feedback without requiring customers to leave your site or app.

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Integrating the HTML version of Tap into your website or mobile app takes minimal technical effort and resources. Simply contact us for a custom URL to start collecting insights and gain access to prioritized customer feedback. Transform your customer experience faster than your competitors.

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