How the busy CEO took the time to fix a very specific issue for Tesla Drivers.



When Twitter user and entrepreneur Loic Le Meur (@loic) was en route to a meeting in Palo Alto, he realized the necessity to charge up his Tesla car at a nearby Supercharger station. He pulled off to the closest unit in San Carlos, but was greeted by a common phenomenon among Tesla drivers: a long wait. Upon further investigation by Loic, the holdup was for no good reason. Many cars sitting at the eight available ‘pumps’ had no drivers in sight, despite displaying a full charge. Noticing the nearby amenities (coffee shop, market, gym), a frantic Loic fired off this tweet to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Surprisingly, Elon responded immediately.



Before a week had passed, Tesla went public with their fix. A fee would be applied to any vehicle thats is still plugged in at 100% charge. If the car is moved within 5 minutes of Tesla’s App notification, the fee is waived.

Loic was impressed by this response, offering major kudos in his newsletter.

“Elon listens, answers personally, and makes changes at an incredible speed. That is one of the reasons he is so successful.”



He does later concede that the action taken by Tesla may not serve as a permanent solution to Supercharger jams, offering that folks may interpret the fee as an expensive parking space. However, Loic insists, even if there needs to be further iterations to solve the issue, Tesla is winning big in customer satisfaction.


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Photos: Tesla